New Eero gateway install not seeing all devices



I just installed an eero pro 6e as my gateway router, replacing an Apple Extreme.  I am finding that that I am not seeing all my devices - I see about 60 when there are about 75.   (When I run a program such as Net Analyzer ios app, i see 75; also i lose access to a few wifi thermostats, so the eero is definitely not creating connectivity to all devices).

On a call with eero support (so easy to reach and so patient!), they suggested that having a netgear smart switch in the mix is not recommended.  I have at least four netgear switches, of which at least one is "smart" (Netgear GS110TP).  She also mentioned the possibility of "switch loops" - whatever that might be - but my apple router works just fine.

I also have a ruckus setup on the same network - 1 zone director and 5 ruckus WAPs - which I intend to rip out once I get eero running (will add 5 eero pro 6Es as WAPs instead).

Any suggestions on whether the netgear switch is my issue and how one might test/resolve the issue?  Could the ruckus be the problem (cant imagine why)?  Btw, i am not even sure that any of the netgear switch smart functionality is being used.



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