Eero keeps dropping connection with ISP Modem

My eero keeps dropping connection with ISP Modem. I initially thought it was my cable company have called them to visit, replaced Modem and everything. However, it seems the real issue is Modem is fine (ISP says they can see the live connection from their system to the Modem), however, my eero goes offline. It is constantly happening (every couple of days). Once I power cycle both modem and eero, it works just fine. So, something is triggering that connection to drop between my eero and modem. Has anyone had this issue and provide some insight on what could be happening? ISP is no help since they say everything is working from their end.

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for reaching out to us and welcome to the eero community. In order to start troubleshooting I will need to know some information about your network. Can you please answer the questions below?

    1) How many sqft is your home?

    2) How many eeros are connected to your network and what types of eeros are they?

    3) Please describe the topology of your network (Ex. Modem(MRC) -> Gateway eero -> switch -> eero (Wired) -> eero (wireless)

    4) Is your modem a stand alone modem or a modem router combo?

    5) If you have a MRC, is it in bridge mode?

    Looking forward to assisting you,


    eero Support

  • Had the same issues until I took my units out of "bridge" mode and that fixed the disconnects

  • James Thanks!

    The issue is not with range or bandwidth. But just to answer, I have about 20 devices connected at the same time. 

    I don't have a switch or it is not on bridge mode. My network setup is extremely simple.

    Modem (stand-alone provided by my ISP) -> Gateway eero ->eero wireless.

    Basically, my modem says it is receiving internet connection from ISP, however, my Gateway eero and other wireless eeros are showing not connected. I validated this by connecting my ethernet directly to the modem with my computer to make sure I have internet. As I mentioned, after power cycling the modem and router, it works just fine, but the annoying part is, it happens every couple of days.


    NJRonbo Thanks!, it is not in bridge mode.


    I did research a bit and it seems like electrical power that goes to the modem and router could trigger this. I had it in a different outlet. I have now connected both the router and modem to the same power strip to make sure they are getting the same power. Let's see if this makes any difference in the stability of my connection but I am all up for advice and suggestions since this is a bit annoying to restart everything almost every day and in the middle of the day.

    • skyhook 


      Thank you for the response. The power could be the cause but there are a lot of possibilities that can be causing this. But it could also be happening due to the eeros being to close or possibly your Gateway eero's port could be going bad. Is your eero that is wireless able to be connected to the modem? If so, a good way to test this would be to just swap the eeros real quick and see if the behavior continues. 

      I have even seen behavior like this when the ISP restricts mac ids or when ISP modems are going bad. There are a lot of possible causes so I am just trying to narrow down the number of causes so we can identify the actual cause and help you get this resolved.

      Let me know if the behavior continues and we'll keep troubleshooting,


      eero Support

      • skyhook
      • skyhook
      • 1 mth ago
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      James when this happens, none of my error works.  ISP restricting mac ids is new to me but, they have already visited my house twice to swap the Modem. It is very strange. I am not sure if the Gateway eero's port going bad - this is a fairly new one. 

      Yes, I am trying to narrow down the issue as well, and having modem and eero on the same power strip is the only potential solution I could find. However, if there is anything else you can think of, I am all ears.

  • was this ever resolved? I’m going through the same thing right now, and it’s infuriating. Working from home and needing to pull large sets of data taking an hour at a time, this disruption is creating pretty significant issues. Thanks!

      • skyhook
      • skyhook
      • 11 days ago
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      matthewtvincent nope, still happening.

      However, I have now plugged in my eero and modem to the same power strip so it has been relatively stable but I still have the issue. Actually, just had to unplug/plug in this morning. 

      It used to happen every couple of days, now it happens once or twice a week. I still don't know what's going on. 

      Yes, it's very frustrating. I can be sure that it's not the ISP. Because, when this happens, I can plug in directly to ISP using ethernet and the internet is fine. So something to do with eero not able to talk with a modem or when some power surge happens, it can't re-establish the connection... I honestly have no idea at this point. 

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