How to turn off wifi on the gateway eero?

Hi all, 

 I have 3 eeros set up, all are connected via ethernet and the network is working fine with internet & a couple dozen devices connected via ethernet or wifi.

The gateway eero is next to the modem - but both are in the worst possible place for a wifi access point, surrounded by metal sheets. I would like to turn off the wifi on the gateway eero, and allow the other two (ethernet connected) eeros to handle all the wifi.

How do I turn off the wifi on the gateway eero?  It's a simple question but doesn't seem to be answered anywhere. 

The reason for doing this is a) to avoid devices making a poor wifi connection to the gateway, and b) to reduce network interference as the gateway is presumably pumping out at max power c) a slight reduction in power consumption and d) allow the gateway to focus on gateway duties for all the connected devices. 

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  • You can’t turn off the WiFi on any of the units. Your devices will connect to the stronger signal anyways (typically), so having a weaker signal from your gateway shouldn’t matter. And the power consumption savings without the radio enabled would be so minuscule, you’re not going to notice it.

    My advice, just relax and enjoy good WiFi and stop worrying about it :) that’s why I love having eeros in my house.

  • I agree that there should be a way to disable the wifi on the gateway Eero pro.  I have an Eero pro with 3 beacons.  Devices like an iPad will move from beacon to beacon as the signal strength changes.  Devices like my security cameras don't.  I have two cameras on opposite sides of my home.  Both with close beacons however they are connected to the wifi of my gateway Eero that's in the middle of my home.  My camera on the back side of my home frequently goes offline and that's why in installed another beacon close to it.  But the camera remains connected to the Eero pro.  With the ability to kill the wifi on the Eero pro, even its temporary, (A button the disables the wifi for two minutes then it auto reenables) this would give the devices a chance to reconnect to the closest beacon.  This would also cover the concern that someone would disable the Eero pro wifi and not be able to reestablish management if they didn't have a beacon.

    This would be much easier than having to default or power off my my cameras hope they connected to the closest beacon.  Eero is good as long a the connected devices have the ability to change to the strongest signal.  Eero would be better with the ability to disable wifi on selected Eero pro or beacons to force those stubborn cameras or other connected devices to hop to the next signal. 

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    • Mr_Johnson Turning off wifi would turn off wifi.  The purpose of wifi is to have wifi.

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      txgunlover unless you are using eero as a router, in which case you might not want it, or as someone else suggested, you might want the gateway (to which all the other eeros connect) located away from the broadband connection point …

  • I agree - I was given an eero pro 6 by Talktalk to use as a router - but the wifi is worse than my existing wifi net so I want to continue using that but the eero is interfering with it’s wifi strength - you really should be able to turn the wifi off - not everyone wants wifi at all

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