Daily dropouts due to IP address changes?

My connections drops several times on a daily basis.

I've been reading something about IP addresses changing and causing dropouts? I have zero knowledge on the topic and might not be explaining the issue properly. Is there any simple way to verify if that's the issue? Is it something I have to check with the ISP or something that I can do by setting up my network properly?


As far as eero settings, everything is done through their app. There are a few network settings I can see that might be relevant. Maybe someone can guide me through what I need to change?


1) WAN Type

I have 3 options here:

  • DHCP
    if I select this, I get no internet.
  • Static IP
    I get 3 fields to fill up here, IP address, Subnet mask, and Router IP. I haven't tried selecting this option because I don't know if this is what I'm supposed to work with.
  • PPPoE
    This is the current selection and what I think our ISP works with. I got the user/pass from the ISP, typed it in, and got internet connected to my main router.


I have 3 options again here:

  • Automatic
    This is the current selection and what is assigned by default, I never messed with it.
  • Manual IP
    Selecting this shows two menus. First I would have to select the IP address prefix (, or, Second, I would have to select the lease range (Subnet IP, Subnet Mask, Starting IP, Ending IP)
  • Bridge
    As far as I understand, this setting is only for when you have a main router between the ONT and main eero router.

3) Reservation & Port forwarding

I dont know if this is relevant.


4) IPv6

This setting is set to on, but I doubt it has anything to do with the problem?



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