Eero Pro 6E Ethernet Ports questions

Some weirdness with the 2.5Gb port. When I plugged my Gateway eero Pro 6E 2.5Gb ethernet port into my ATT Fiber Gateway, it basically locked up both the fiber gateway and the eero Pro 6E in gateway mode. I moved it over to the 1gb port and it worked fine. When I moved it to its final destination (upstairs), I once again tried to use the 2.5Gb plugged into a switch I have there and it locked up the switch and eero device again. Changing it to the 1Gb port made it work fine again. 

So, my question is what the heck is up with that port? Does it not do auto-sensing? Why does it lock up other device so that only a reboot fixes it? 

Also, if I want to plug in an ethernet device into the 2.5Gb port (because the one used with the switch is the 1Gb port), will that also lock up that other device (a Hue Bridge)? I'm scared to test it now given past results.


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