Using Wireshark to determine what your Eero is *BLOCKING

How do you determine what your Eero router is blocking?

Since the largest company(sic) on  Earth (Amazon) can not possibly program our Routers to 'tell us' what is being *blocked by it in the Eero application, one can use a program called 'Wireshark' - Wireshark · Go Deep. to attempt to see what the eero considers Malware or Phishing websites as you wouldn't to try and go there some other way.  The tool is far from being a hacking platform as it has no ability to 'inject' anything but it merely shows you, the user of your owned network what is being sent across the airwaves.  Remember, that anything that you can see, your neighbor can see as well using the same passive listening software that you are using.  I encourage you to attempt to go to a 'known' malware or phishing website (which I will leave up to you to google) so that you can observe what happens in the wireshark program as compared to what gets logged as a 'Threat Block' by your Eero router.  


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