Feit Dimmer Switches and Eero update

I have 21 Feit Dimmer Switches and they all went offline recently.  A bunch of my other devices also stopped connecting.  My old reliable Kindle couldn't even connect when it was 3 inches away from an Eero.  I called support and Wendy suggested that I had too many access points.  I have 5 Eero pros and 2 regular Eeros.  She convinced me that it was too many.  So I decommissioned my 2 regular eeros and things got better. The Kindle was able to connect and my water pump showed up again.  All my Ring cameras are back and most of my Blink cameras seem to be happy. 


But my 21 dimmer switches are still offline.  I've tried reconnecting them and no joy.  Even my Sensibo are back online.  But the Feit are stubbornly offline.  I've tried reseting the network.  I'm not using the fancy features like steering or thread (whatever that is...) and still my Feit switches won't connect.  I do the 2.4 for 15 minutes and try to add them, but no luck.  Plus I have 21, yes 21 of these guys.  I hate to think I have to re-pair all 21 of them.  That's a lot of mucking around with something that should just work.  

I live in Puerto Rico so we have a lot of power outages.  Only two today for 5 minutes each.  I would hate to think that every few days I'll have to re-pair 21 devices!   This seems to have happened with the latest update, so maybe it's related.   I do love using the commands like "Alexa turn off the kitchen" and having the lights in the kitchen go off.  Ah, how I miss those days.  Now I have to drag my ass to the kitchen and push a button.  Any suggestions oh savvy Eero community?



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