Guest Network for Better Sonos Stability?

Hi All,

Have 8 Sonos speakers throughout my house, and six eero devices... The system is highly stable all over the property, and we only use a single 2.4gz main eero network, no guest.

I've noticed that when we have a lot of people over (like more than 10), and they are all on the wifi, my Sonos speakers tend to bug out... They will be working fine all day, then 10 people come over and they start dropping off, pausing, doing weird things.

If I create a guest network and force people to use that, would this theoretically protect the bandwidth on my main network?  Or would the guest network be using the same bandwidth and thus create disruptions on the main network anyway? 

Thanks for your help!

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    • Punter16
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    Sonos doesn't work on guest networks. We use Eero in many of our Sonos installs. See our video below that may help out.


    • rpales
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    The guest network would be for the guests - not the sonos... Question is, if I have many people on the GUEST network and sonos on the MAIN network, would my sonos perform better, or would it be the same outcome as if all the guests were on the main network?

    • Punter16
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    Most likely the same result. You can segment a network into Vlans to isolate systems but I don't think Eero works with Vlans yet (or it may never). This is where some other network options have more utility. With that said, do you do anything differently when people are over? Ex: Are you in different areas controlling your music when you have people over (ex: you are outside controlling your music when people are over where you never do this when people aren't). If so, you could be trying to control your system in fringe areas whee you normally don't.


    Are you sure that people visiting aren't attempting to control Sonos when they are there? A test would be to put all other people on a guest network and see if this helps. If it does, it is possible that guests are trying to connect to Sonos with their devices.


    If Sonos is dropping off the network, make sure you have Sonos devices on reserved IPs. You would probably already be having issues when you are there by yourself if this was the case but it will improve overall Sonos stability. See around 6:20 in the video below.



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