What is bridge mode and do I need to do it?

Hi All,

I just got the eero mesh pro 6E, and I have Bell DSL internet (bell hub 2000). I want to use the eero router/wifi and not the bell hub, but I need the bell hub as the modem to get the signal from the DSL cables.

What I did so far is disable Wifi on the bell router (bridge mode not enabled), and just connected the mesh pro to the bell router, followed the setup process and it worked fine.

Question is, do I need to set up bridge mode and where?

Before doing all that, I did try to call bell and have them disable wifi and enable bridge mode on the bell router since I read you are supposed to for eero pro, but all that did was make all my devices unable to connect to the internet even when wired directly to the bell hub. I couldn't even access the bell router management page since it was not assigned an IP address. When trying with eero pro setup, the eero app showed an error saying eero pod could not connect to the internet. So this confuses me, if bridge mode on the bell router is enabled, how is the eero pod even supposed to connect to the internet? Once I lost patience, I just reset my bell router (enabling wifi and disabling bridge mode), then disabled just the wifi and left bridge mode disabled on the bell router, and just followed the instructions on the eero app and thats how I got it setup fine. But I just keep wondering, do I still need to enable the bridge mode or anything now or leave it as is?



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