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I just set up a new Eeros system up yesterday and already I am having problems.  I previously tried a different mesh system in my house and had similar problems.  I researched the different systems out there and decided to give this one a try because I found a community thread discussing WiFi calling problems that were resolved 2 years ago.  I was lead to believe that this system wouldn’t have these problems. I need to get this resolved quickly because my wife and I work from home and having reliable WiFi calling is very important to us.

ISP: AT&T U-verse (Gigabit fiber connection)

Existing Router: Pace 2868 - Eeros is configured for DMZ+ and WiFi is disabled

Cell Phone Carrier:  T-Mobile

Cell Phones:  iPhone 10, 11

The issue seems to be repeatable, if slightly I intermittent.  It presents as either a call failing about 5 to 30 seconds into the call, or the audio or voice cutting out about 20 to 30 seconds into the call.  After ending the call, it usually takes to or three attempts to remake a call, or I have to disconnect and reconnect my call.  After that, sometimes I can make one or two successful calls before it happens again, other times it fails again immediately.  If anyone is able to help me it would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Best thing to get your issue resolved the fastest would be to contact eero support. But in the meantime, how many eero units did you install and how big is your residence?

    Did WiFi calling work fine before switching to a mesh network system?

      • Zeddicus
      • Zeddicus
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      cMoo92 one Eeros pro and two beacons.  Main floor and basement, 5 bedrooms.  It was working fine with the original Pace 5268 router, except that the coverage doesn’t cover the whole house.  Great coverage now, except for the WiFi calling problem.  I talked with a guy at customer support and he told me that it’s mostly likely a problem with the original router.  AT&T is going to come out and replace my router with an Arris BGW-210-700, I’m hoping that will fix the problem.  I’ll update after I get the new router. 

    • Zeddicus glad support had a good recommendation—hopefully that fixes it for you. My personal experience with the same iPhones on my eero network is WiFi calling is flawless. And I’m out in a rural area with just a 15x5 wireless internet connection.

  • Did you ever get this fixed?  I have a similar setup and similar issue.

  • I’ve reached out to eero support twice with no resolution. I have att U-verse with the pace 5268ac router. The router is set in dmz mode for the eero pro main pod and my calls drop anywhere from 5-30 seconds into the call too when connected to the eero network   

    Att has indicated that the issue lies within the eero pro programming and we confirmed this by turning back on the WiFi connection on the pace router and I’ve had zero dropped WiFi calls since then. 

    My challenge is that I now have a WiFi network called “ WiFi calling” on the pace box and one for everything else so I’m constantly switching between networks to answer calls and control my home entertainment, lighting and  security.  

    One would think this sort of thing wouldn’t be an issue for a product retailing for $500.

    Anyone have luck resolving this?

  • So I found an article online regarding ipv4 and ipv6. It stated the WiFi calling was tested on a router that was only assigning ipv4 and calls went through. When the phone was switched to a router with ipv6 turned on, WiFi calling failed. 

    My eero pro is connected to art’s gateway through dmz mode but there’s a setting in the att panel that toggles ipv6 on and off for anything connected via LAN. 

    I turned it off and disabled ipv6 within erro. WiFi calling is now working. Whether or not simply turning it off on the IPS router and not eero will also do the trick is not something I’ve tested yet but figured I’d at least share this. 

    Please let me know if anyone tries disabling ipv6 and the outcome from it. Good luck!

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