A Serious Need for Manual Channel Selection

I just received an eero Pro 6e from my provider. Upon initial setup, it chose the channels already in use by my original router's 2.4 & 5g radios, degrading both networks. Unable to manually switch eero, I changed my older router from 149 to 44, which was wide open. Both networks were then running optimally.
It seems that this cute little router needs a friend. When I rebooted eero, it dropped down to channel 44, totally abandoning the completely clear upper channels. This has happened about four times and I'm really done with constantly re-configuring my routers. I am in a neighborhood and there is very little traffic nearby as indicated using Wifi Analyzer.
I'm impressed with the speeds when connected to eero. Not so much it's distance. But due to the bizarre channel selection and rudimentary administration capabilities, it's about to get factory reset and sold for whatever I can get for it.

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    Totally agree, its a simple feature the user should have access to. I have Wifi IP cameras that use a selection of specific channels, the Eero is set on 42 which isn't on my camera list.  I've resorted to running ethernet cables to get security cameras working which is messy.

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