Build 1st network system


I've decided to build my own system and I'm doing this for the first time. So I'm seeking for some help.

There are two goals I have:

1) I want all my RJ45 ethernet sockets to be connected to the web

2) And of course great wifi coverage with good speed, low ping, etc.


I have following apt:

Short description:

The problem is that area number 1 (where ATT fiber modem) is in the walk-in closet which is in the bathroom.

So that for example to reach room number 3 (room I'm working from) WiFi should pass three walls, what makes nonsense to put WiFi router in the 1.


General idea I have:

In the room number 1 I want to put BGW-320 ATT gateway and set it to passthrough mode. Based on what I've written above there probably shouldn't be any EERO WiFi spots there, so I assume that I need to set a Ethernet Switch here to connect all the RJ45 sockets across the apartment.

Since all the sockets are connected I can put EEROs to the rooms 2 and 3, plugging them to ethernet sockets.


My questions:

1) If what I wrote makes sense, what Switch should I use for room number 1? I've seen that EERO has POE Gateway, is this what I need, or I can buy any switch from the market?

2) If I connect EERO gateways through RJ45 sockets, does EERO understand that signals between gateways should go through the cable, not WiFi.

3) Any other ideas?


Currently I want to buy two EERO Pro 6 and probably 1 switch (but this is under consideration).


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