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So I get this Router my business partner ordered. I was having trouble with my tp link router. I have a cable modem. I live out in the country where I don't get 4g well enough to download an app... an app! The instructions were basically download the app and it will tell you what to do.

So I drive to my office where I have a good wi-fi connection.. download the app and go home. Then I have to sign up in the app. So I go outside and get enough of a signal to sign up. Now I've got about 45 minutes into this thing.

So then I follow the instructions in the app which were pretty straightforward. But then when it tries to connect it says there is a problem. There is a link for tech support. I don't have internet on my phone because my wi-fi is not yet setup, and again, no 4g where I could even download a web page. There is not a phone number on any of the instructions, anywhere.

The next morning I call the cable company and they double checked my modem, had me plug in the router and they could actually see it. However, it didn't connect... same message.

The cable company, yes, the cable company gave me the number to Eero. I couldn't look it up because again, I had no internet.

I got through pretty quickly and the person on the other end actually setup the router after I gave him the serial# and told him a username and password to use. Worked very well.

He said it was possibly because my phone was hooked to wi-fi it wouldn't setup the router. I explained that normally I would have signed in directly with my computer like on a normal router with an IP address. I told him to pass it on to the programmer(s). He said he would.

Now I read on this message board there is no web interface, like every other router in the entire world. 

My challenge to this company is to go out in the country where you have no cell phone signal, and no router other than this, and set this router up. I should be able to talk to my router without an internet connection.

And the app I downloaded only seems to do setup. I guess I have to go off and search for some other app... that I have to run on my phone. 


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    • mrsaxy
    • 2 yrs ago
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    I just requested a return on my eero 6 + extender package that I purchased from Amazon for this exact issue. I can’t deal with not being to access my router if it looses internet connectivity. This is really a dumb move. I put my two Asus RT-AC86U routers configured in AiMesh setup back online. I am very glad I just powered them off and set them aside. Restoring my home network was very easy. I really like the eero but this management interface setup is a deal breaker for me.

    • mrsaxy
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Another thing, no native VPN support. I had to use pfsense box in front of the eero to utilize my VPN. My Asus routers support VPN natively.

    • halocline
    • 2 yrs ago
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    This and the need to subscribe to a monthly service to do basic activity monitoring are making me reconsider my decision to move to eero. I wouldn't mind if the devices were sold at a loss leader price and then charge for features through subscription (sort of like the ad supported Kindle devices). But the eero6 devices attract a premium price and still lock basic features behind a monthly paywall. Not customer obsessed.

    • mrsaxy
    • 2 yrs ago
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    I already sent back the eero 6 pair I bought from Amazon and already received my refund. Easy, peasy. The single eero 6 I purchased directly from eero is back in it’s box and stuck in a closet. I really do not want the hassle of returning it after some of the comments I have read on here concerning returns. My pair of Asus RT-AC86U routers are back online in a mesh setup and working great. I only have 1 wifi 6 device so nothing really gained by using the eero 6 system.

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