Poor cellular coverage can prevent initial installation of Eero system

Just wanted to post an issue I had with the Eero 6 plus, 3 node system.  I recently installed the system and it works great now, but a couple of hiccups I would like to share.

On the original installation what was supposed to be a 10-minute install, took all day.  I was unable to complete the installation and kept getting an error message on the app towards the end of install that there was no Internet found.  I was on the phone to my ISP for a couple of hours trying everything imaginable and also on the phone for over an hour with a nice guy at Eero support.  Neither could solve the problem, although they both tried hard.  

So to make a long story short, I live in an area where the cellular service is poor.  We use wifi calling with our cellular phones and that works great.  But without wifi, most often one bar cellular at best.

As we all know, the Eero system must be installed using a smartphone.  When installing my system, I had one bar on my iPhone and the process was slow.  After over a dozen attempts to set up the system and always getting an error message near the end that there was no Internet located, I wondered if possibly because of one bar of slow cellular service the system setup pages were timing out and giving me the error message.  I walked around the house until I found a place where I had two bars of cellular service and then the installation went right on through and was set up in minutes.  So, just in case someone might have the same problem I did, make sure you have a solid cellular connection or setup will time you out.  I had searched far and wide on the Internet and found no resolve until my realization of poor cellular coverage during setup.



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