Capacity of a single Node; About to switch to a different hardware

So I have 4 nodes in my home, all hardlined back to their own gigabit switch in the closet, which is then connected to router for the home.  

Over the last three months, we have been having really bad performance in our main room, where network just drops and we have to toggle our phones to WiFi On/Off, and get it to reconnect and perform again... Sometimes for just a short period of time. 

I have moved a two of the nodes, to try and solve the problem (to keep signals from switching from nodes, but I think that is what is still happening, the devices are trying to connect to a different node, and not the one in the main room).

These are all Gen 1 "Pro" units (the first Eero's that were released, with the two network ports.         I was considering upgrading to a V2 Pro, but at $200 just for one...   I am pausing on that.   

Any suggestions on how I can identify if it is a NODE issue (overloading), or if there is something else going on.      Without being able to lock out devices from connecting to a node, it is hard to force some balancing.   

I am now evaluating if it is time to pull all the Eero's and switch over to NEST or even maybe go all the way to commercial level products such as Ubiquiti.   As there are several features that I want from some of those platforms, that haven't been delivered to Eero after all these years.  (Multiple SSID's for example).   

As much as I have absolutely loved eero these years... they are falling behind some of the other vendors rapidly.    

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