How does support work?

I've been looking into eero because my ISP is going to give them to me for free. I have been reading through the discussions and it appears eero does not supply acceptable speeds for users who subscribe to gig service. I've seen people report half the speed to less than half. I know my current non-"mesh" router can provide speed tests up to 100% what I pay for.


How does eero help to fix customer issues? Do they have insight into customer equipment and configurations? Can you access the eero webpage or do you have to use an app? Does eero support ACL's and NAT statements?

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  • eero can handle 1Gb internet connections just fine. When people are reporting on here about not getting those speeds, it’s generally because they are doing a speed test from a wireless client which no wireless client will do 1GB transfer speeds on WiFi in a real world environment. If you had hardwired clients connected to your eero network, you’ll be able to max out your internet connection.

    In regards to eero support, I’m not quite sure what level of detail they have access to, but I do know they can see your equipment and configuration. 

    Managing your eero network can only be done through the app. There is no web UI.

    You can setup port forwarding and IP reservations, but that’s about as in-depth as you can get with managing the firewall portion of the router. 

  • I wouldn't really know about the speeds over wireless for 1Gb because I don't currently have it. I would expect 80% of that though. I've seen people report 400 down and sometimes less which I feel is unacceptable.

    It sounds like eero is the Nest of wireless routers. Not really my cup of tea.


    Thanks for your insight. I appreciate it.

    • 400Mbps down over WiFi is actually pretty impressive. That means your device is connected/negotiated the transfer rate of 800Mbps with the access point. The way WiFi works is you’ll only get 1/2 of what your client device connects at. Newer devices can connect at 800Mbps rate, but generally it’s going to be lower—especially for older devices.

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