Eero Pro and 4 beacons on 1 Level and Degraded Signal

I have an Eero Pro wired into my Xfinity router, and 4 beacons all on my first floor. That should be enough as my first level is about 1,500 square feet. I’m paying for “speeds up to 400mbps” and at the Eero Pro, it’s close. At the first beacon, a straight shot away, about 20’, it degrades to 100mpbs right away. Seems crazy to have a 33% signal loss with no walls in between - just air. The second beacon is through an opening in an adjacent hall, but only another 10’ away, now about 70-80mpbs. Next, another 10’ jog in one direction into a hallway toward my master bedroom, 40 if I’m lucky or the other way, also a hallway and into my office, 20mpbs, and keep in mind, this is with the pro and 4 beacons and I’m paying for 400mpbs. I’d be happy with 100mbps. I bought these because of the wireless and dual band capabilities. I know they don’t have a dedicated backhaul, but I should be getting more speed, no? I just ordered 2 more units, but 6 beacons for one floors is kind of ridiculous. It’s still cheaper then drilling through hardwood floors. Does anyone have any idea? Not using the beta features. Don’t think I’m doubled Nated bc I’m getting 300 at the eero, although I do have both the xfinity and eero broadcasting (does that mean that I’m double Nated bc one is not in bridge mode?

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  • You have WAY too many eero units for that small of space which could very well be causing the issues your having (you’re creating a massive amount of wireless congestion with all those eeros). Just to give you some reference, I have a 2,600 sq/ft home and I just use 2 eeros.

    Try unplugging all your beacons and you might find just the eero Pro covers the space fine. You might want to have one Beacon about 30’ away from your Pro to help strengthen the signal in some parts. But regardless, 4 Beacons is way to many for that space, and I’m guessing you only need 1 Beacon at the most—and might not even need any Beacons.

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