Xbox upnp and eero

I been struggling for a while now getting xbox to keep nat=open. It used to always be open but no longer.  IT causes lots of issues with destiny 2 in particular. 

sometimes when I start my xbox it initially says nat=open.  If I wait a few minutes and test again it is back at moderate every time then after.

I also setup port forwarding, but it acts the same.  I would guess the issues started a few months ago but could have been longer.  

Things ive tried:

Disable upnp, reboot everything, re-enable.

Static mappings for the xbox.

changing the mac/ip of the xbox.  some of these things help but often just for a session or week, or 5 minutes. Its making me crazy.  

I don't trust eero is not doing something weird which is frustrating because they hide everything from us.  If i decide to bail on eero that will be the main reason, lack of transparency and allowing us to see our own network.  Hide it behind a disclaimer etc. but show us what we need! Ideally through a web GUI or CLI.

Any suggestions?

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    • JT1874762
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    +1 - Same problem. 

      • Xmav
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      Eero support is telling me they don't support "smart switches". No idea what that means.  Maybe they meant managed switches? If so that is just silly. 

      I just lost all hope that eero support has any training or ability to help with issues.  Which sucks since they hide the ability from us  to help ourselves.  

      I have basic layer 2 switches, blaming them is a cop out.  

    • Xmav
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    I got a better tech on the next reply who said they "prefer" unmanaged switches because they know the customer did not screw something up in the config.

    I threw a couple dumb switches in place of my brocade/cisco switches, just have not had time to test it yet.

    If it fixes the issue Ill be broken since i can't find a single networking person  that can explain to me how that's possible and I know a lot of IT people.  

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