F5 Big IP VPN client refusing to work with Eero 6?

Any known issues between Eero 6 (not "pro") with the latest firmware, and F5 Big-IP VPN clients?

A company I work for is using an F5 BIG-IP Edge Client for its VPN (as well as hardware VPN boxes like HPE Aruba), and it's been working well for me for the past few years with a variety of routers.

Eero 6 doesn't like it over either WiFi or wired connection, including with the Aruba box. Notes:

  • behavior repeatable and reproducible with my two work devices - over either the software VPN client - or the Aruba box
  • this is really weird: connecting my old WiFi  router downstream ("in front") of Eero - and then connecting my devices to it rather than to Eero directly -  and all is well (what?). So it seems that it's not about Eero dropping packets or refusing something from my devices - but more about the VPN client not liking something about direct connections to Eero...
  • When attempting to connect to the Aruba's WiFi, my MBP complains "authentication failed" and "cannot contact authentication server";
  • HPE Aruba box shows the green light - thus supposedly connecting - yet no VPN

Thanks for any hints and tips.

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  • Do you have eero Secure enabled or any of the Labs?

    • cMoo92 do not (to my knowledge) - "eero Secure" trial shows as active with 26 days left - don't see a way to disable it - but everything under it in the app is disabled - scans, blocks, filters, etc.

  • Hello Alex,

    Thank you for bringing this topic up. If you wouldn't mind, can you please email this information to support@eero.com? If you do, can you then direct message me with the email address you used so I can work on getting this escalated up to our Tier 2 for investigation? I have also included an article below so you can choose a different form of contacting our support if you would like.


    Thank you,

    James Wilcox

    eero Support

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    • James Wilcox there's an existing support case I started on Tue titled "VPN issues with Eero 6 (6.1.0-877)", currently handled by Eric. I'll DM you with my email address.

  • Issue resolved with the help of Eero Support (thank you).

    Root cause: network mask was set to, as opposed to the usual for most home networks. Once the network mask was changed to (Settings - Advanced - DHCP & NAT - Subnet Mask (via "Manual IP")) - the VPN client started working.

    Why was the network mask set to that unusual value? I can't be 100% sure but suspect it wasn't me: I don't remember touching it, and wouldn't set it to something like that. I suspect it's default value for "Manual IP" - something Eero Support might want to double-check.

  • I just signed up for Eero secure in hopes that I could use restrictions on my work computer. We use the same VPN at work. Whenever I log in to my work using that VPN, Eero secure is no longer able to block websites on my work computer. Is there any workaround this issue?

    • sfiskness unfortunately no. By using a VPN, you’re tunneling all your internet traffic through your employer’s internet connection. eero Secure can’t see any of it, so it can’t block anything.

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