eero Pro 3 pack HOMEKIT compatibility

Is this model compatible with Homekit?   Is not very clear to me if it was and is not any more.  I had check the apple shop web page and it says it is compatible there but the price is USD 100 more expensive that if I buy it here. Is it the same model?

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  • Hello,

    The 2nd Gen eeros are compatible with HomeKit. The eero 6 line of product is just awaiting processing from Apple. 

    Let me know if you have any other questions,

    James Wilcox

    eero Support

      • cnewman
      • cnewman
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Just fyi.. eero has been saying ‘...eero 6 line of product is just awaiting processing from Apple’ for months now with no update.

    • cnewman that’s because Eero is waiting for Apple to finish the certification. Eero has no control over that, and it usually takes 6-9 months for ALL devices to get HomeKit  certification from Apple. 

      • cnewman
      • cnewman
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Richard1864 thank you Richard for the reply. First as well know eero has no control over apple certification process or the length of time it will take to gain such certification. In the 3+ months that I’ve owned a eero 6 pro, you are the first person (including eero employees) that has given any indication of a timeline for certification. I suppose eero is playing it safe to not give any false hope certification timeline. However, as time goes on and not getting any ‘official’ statements from eero makes me really wonder if certification is really happening. Or eero trying to put the carrot in front of the horse, for more sales with the ‘hope’ of possible apple homekit certification. No news is good news?!? 


      Richard thank you for your reply. I seriously hope you are correct with your timeline.

    • cnewman you’re welcome and thanks for the compliment. I called Apple and got passed to a Tier 2 tech (Sara)) who gave me the timeline. The new Eero 6 hardware first has to be approved by Apple for HomeKit, and then Apple works with Eero to create firmware for the Eero’s AND the Eero app so that the Eero’s can connect and work with HomeKit and the multitude of HomeKit devices. Unfortunately that process takes a while…Sara said last she heard the upcoming Eero firmware 6.2 may give us HomeKit but she wouldn’t make any promises.  And that’s all I know for now. 

  • I just spent over $1k on upgrading my Eero network to the Pro 6. I might send them back as i just purchased. What a headache and waste... 

    To learn this now is very disappointing and makes me wonder about the sincerity of Eero and if this is just another corporate policy filled with dubious lies... especially now that Eero is owned by Amazon with a vested interest to impede HomeKit. Very disappointing.

    Eero says it is waiting for Apple to process their certification. I call BS... I bet it is Eero not agreeing to sign Apple's consumer protection policies.... More likely scenario is Eero doesn't want to and will not support Homekit as they believe it competes with Amazon's ecosystem... My two cents. Time to look elsewhere.

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