Interference with Neighbors Eero?

I started having some issues with power consumption on a battery (+ solar panel) Ring spotlight camera.  Support was able to see that there was a ton of interference on Channel 1 (the camera only uses 2.4ghz).


I ran an analyzer app and on channel 1 there's another access point (named "My Kitchen") on the same channel with a not-bad signal.   The manufacturer of that access point is EERO INC (I assume this is determined with a lookup of the MAC address).

There's another channel (8) that has no access points on it which does not get selected, after restarting the network or power-cycling the eero (and unplugging the nodes).


Is it possible that eeros from a completely different house (a completely different SSID) are somehow causing a problem determining which channels are clearest?

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    One thing to remember with 2.4Ghz is that you can/should only use channels 1, 6, and 11. So despite there being 11 different channels, the way that frequency works you effectively only have 3 choices. The other downside with eero is that they are set to use more channel width than they really should. Yes, it allows for more bandwidth, but unfortunately it also makes it easy to create interference with other networks. It could be that your neighbor just recently got eero setup and so both your network and theirs need a little more time to optimize themselves.

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