3.16 and 3.17 Updates - Stability Issues

Eero, what's going on with your updates?  After a year of stellar stability with literally NO issues, both update 3.16 and now 3.17 have been causing problems for me.  With 3.16, I have had issues with internet just cutting out for a few seconds to a minute or two at a time - same modem, same service, and I never had these issues before.  I have 1 GB Cox cable internet and three Eero Pros in an ethernet backhaul setup.  Now, with 3.17 today, the update initially was successful, then the two satellite Eeros went red and I lost internet to devices connected to them.  Neither satellite Eero would sync with the gateway until I'd hard booted all three (unplugged power from each Eero individually) at least four times, before they finally did.  I have a computer connected to the gateway Eero via ethernet, and it had a normal internet connection the whole time.  NOT happy.  Anyone else having issues?  Only thing I did new was I added a subscription to Eero Secure a few days ago.

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  • I am having the same issue where the internet just cuts out for a few minutes. This is happening daily since the recent updates. The main eero gets a red light, then in a few minutes, goes back to white and I have Internet again. This is really frustrating. I have made no changes to my ISP, this just started happening after 3.16. 

  • I've been seeing the same issue since 3.17 update.  I've been patiently waiting for the next software update, but it's been a couple months and this issue is starting to drive me nuts!

    I have 2 eero pros which are connected via wired ethernet.  I have ~50 wifi devices on my home network.  Most of the devices are low bandwidth devices like LIFX bulbs, Wemo switches, smart plugs, Echos, etc.  It seems I lose internet daily now for a few minutes.  The internet does come back and the wifi mesh network is re-established.  However, this is causing issues with some of my devices where they can't reconnect to the internet even after the eero app shows there is internet again.  I have to either go into the eero app and restart the network or I need to walk around my house powering off/powering on my devices like the smart plugs and Amazon Echos to get them to reconnect to the internet.  I've even had instances where my Macbook Pro showed I was connected to wifi, but it couldn't connect to the internet and I had to turn off wifi/turn on wifi to get it to reconnect to the internet.

    I was able to take the following screenshot within the eero app when this issue occurred.  It looks like the issue is impacting both my eero pros when it happens.

  • Same problems here. Connection in and out and seems only certain devices have issues now. 

    Things seem to be going downhill since Amazon took over ...


    Can't reccomend Eero anymore I guess. 

  • My older Wi-FI devices have also had this issue after 3.16. Randomly once or twice everyday they drop connection for 2+ minutes. Sometimes they just can't rejoin the network for a while. Connecting to other wi-fi is possible, never had this issue with these devices (3) or with eero before 3.16.

  • I’m also having similar issues, along with greatly reduced speeds on the wireless network.  Will corrective software be released this week?

  • After discovering this post I decided to call Eero this afternoon - whew that was a struggle. I have same issues as you all do and timing of it also points to when 3.17 was installed on our network. I have had Spectrum check their connection at my house, they even changed the modem for good measure. I swapped out the Gateway Eero and in the last couple of days, changed a switch out.

    Today - support says they have no issues with 3.17 and in the end after asking me questions about by network blamed it on the fact that the switches are POE. I'm like what?! Of course everything has worked great for almost 3 years until this last update. 

    This is my 3rd call to Eero and the most frustrating. The prior two however blamed Spectrum. I no longer think they are the culprit. I have read a couple of posts that Eero Secure could be causing this issue. 

    I have four other Eero networks around the country for older relatives. One has complained of the same issue but none are really going to notice like I am. I use a VoIP phone and work from home and am constantly on the network,  so it's not a good thing for me.

    Appreciate any other insight.

    • Teledatageek Sorry to hear about that frustrating experience, and that we weren't able to reach any kind of solution on this with you. As far as we're aware, there aren't any systemic issues with 3.17 that will result in these sorts of symptoms, but it definitely sounds like something isn't working right here. As long as your switches don't have any managed networking protocols like 802.1p, then it shouldn't matter whether they support POE. I'd love to have a senior specialist look into this with you, so please shoot an email to support@eero.com with "Community followup" from your eero account email and I'll get this lifted up with priority!

      Drew, eero Community Team

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    • Drew - hopefully you received my email shortly after you posted. Anxiously awaiting next steps...

    • Teledatageek  Drew - any time line on the reach out by a senior specialist? Looks like many of us with this issue...

    • Drew - still waiting on next steps. Are you able to get someone to respond to me? 

  • I've had several eero support email exchanges over the past couple weeks also.  I was first asked to replace my cable modem since it was really old.  So I replaced my cable modem, but it didn't fix the issue.  I was then asked to swap my two eero pro to see if the other unit functioned better as the gateway.  So I swapped my two eero pros, but it didn't fix the issue.  I've been pinging my external ip address non-stop from my Macbook Pro which is on my eero pro wifi mesh.  The ping results shows a few times per day where the ping fails for up to a 2hr period due to "ping: sendto: Network is down", "ping:sendto: No route to host", or "Request timeout for icmp_seq ###" errors.

    I received a new eero support email this morning saying he reached out to the next level of support and they both determined that there is definitely a possibility that the eero may be having problems and they want to look into it, but it doesn't appear related to the loss of internet.  In order to properly troubleshoot the eeros, they first want the upstream issue fixed by Comcast so they can separate the problems.

    This doesn't make sense to me given the issue happens daily so it would be ideal to debug right now.  If Comcast changes something and the issue happens much less frequently, then it will be a nightmare to debug.  My suspicion is something happened in 3.17 firmware which makes eero handle internet losses less gracefully so that wireless devices can't recover without a mesh restart or device reboot.

    So now I get to go deal with Comcast support to see why my internet connection goes down a few times a day...  while my eero pros continue to flake out due to what appears to be an unrelated issue...  sighhhhhhhhhhh...  :(

  • Same experience for me. After quite literally years of rock solid network stability in the last several months I'm having what I would describe as periodic network "freezes" for a few minutes at a time. It was really bad at first. But recently it's not quite as frequent but still a significant issue. Typically I notice when this happens because I get a notification and email that my Ring Alarm is on cellular backup and then 2-3 minutes later I get another stating that it is back online. But it's not just that device that stops working. In fact, I can specify exactly when it started happening for me:


    Nov. 2016 - Eero purchase. Rock solid stability. A truly "set it and forget it" experience.

    Oct. 2018 - Ring Alarm purchase. Still having rock solid stability until .....

    Sept. 2019 - eeroOS v3.15.1-1 and eeroOS v3.16.0-323 released. 11 Ring Alarm network disconnections.

    Oct. 2019 -  eeroOS v3.16.1-1 and eeroOS v3.17.0-534 released. 15 Ring Alarm network disconnections.

    Nov. 2019 - 4 Ring Alarm network disconnections.

    Dec. 2019 - 7 Ring Alarm network disconnections.

    Jan. 2020 - 6 Ring Alarm network disconnections. So far ....

    So it's definitely not fixed. I contacted Eero Support back in Oct. 2019. They said the gateway Eero was staying connected but the satellite Eeros were disconnecting. They suggested I do a Soft Reset of the entire network which I did to no avail. As someone earlier said "Things seem to be going downhill since Amazon took over ...".

  • Eero crew any update? Or do I need to invest in a new network with another company?

    • turbo63 - I'm still having issues as well. Do you have a short list of replacement systems? I've been researching as I'm not going to wait forever for these folks...

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      • jskeyes2
      • jskeyes2
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      turbo63 I just spent three hours on support dealing with exact same issues.  I wrote a big post yesterday regarding this topic but I see it has not posted yet - it is "pending review".  

      My three hour call got me no where.  Multiple reboots, move devices, can't add devices to network, have wifi but no internet, now I am getting kicked up to "senior support" but apparently that will be all via email.  I asked to return all devices for a refund and was told no.  So now I am using a hobbled network without all my devices and afraid to touching anything because I will lose what I have.

      • turbo63
      • turbo63
      • 16 hrs ago
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      jskeyes2 I hate to say it but thinking of just using the Comcast one I have and adding a few of their extenders. 

      Don't really want to drop a bunch of money again like I did with the Eero. Was thinking I might go with the new Google setup if I did as I already had the Orbi but didn't like it so returned for the Eero. 

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