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I'm on an ISP that has data caps. I need to see logs of how much usage by device in order to manage to these caps. Right now, I don't know which device is consuming the most data in order to know how to manage it.

Help! I keep going over limits and this is getting expensive (and I don't want to plug/unplug every device each time I use them).

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  • Data traffic monitor is an industry standard on all other routers, including Luma. I'm surprised it isn't part of Eero. 

  • The Better Business Bureau and the FCC are both now recommending router makers to include data traffic monitoring to help customers make sure they don't go over they're data caps. FCC is discussing making this required as Comcast, the largest ISP in US is starting to make data caps mandatory nationwide, especially since Federal courts and FCC question the accuracy of aconcast'/ data monitoring. 


    Eero and Luma are the only routers sold in US without this data monitoring.  Eero is by far the better quality device, and Eero needs to beat Luma to adding this vital feature  

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  • if this is being recommended by the FCC and COMCAST is caping everyone, I bet eero will come out with something. This is a good idea though.

  • Saw this in the product update email received today. Woot!

    From being able to see how much data your connected devices are currently using to understanding the connection strength of a particular eero . . .

    The screenshot here doesn't show total data used but I'm hoping it'll be there. A little concern that it specifically states, "currently using" because I really need a log per device! The announcement didn't say exactly when to expect the update except for "Over the next few days . . ."

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  • +1 -- I really would like to be able to get access and usage logs as an option.  

  • Totals per device, per user profile, and for the network as a whole would be super helpful, particularly for those of us with metered connections and low caps.

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  • While answering my q's as a potential eero customer and my desire to view my OWN usage (especially events marked CRITICAL or ERROR) from the (cloud) server logs, a Jared (sp?)@AustinTechSupport claimed that there are NO immediate plans to make any of these available. This would be a great value-add feature that eero should reconsider providing at NO cost, as long as some secure mechanism - such as authenticating the requests by matching the MAC address of the requester with that of a registered device etc.. - is in place !

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  • Wow, am I disappointed to hear this. I just purchased a new Eero system and one of my main concerns was the ability to track the individual devices on my network over time and after reading the last response on this post I am now considering returning it in favor of one of the other mesh networks (such as TPLink) that provide QoS and better monitoring (and free parental control tools). I love the coverage and speed I am getting from my new network but lack of QoS and usage reports is a huge set back and available on (almost) every other router out there. Come on guys, really?

  • rcracel if you want to keep the speed and coverage but really need qos you can run your eero network in bridge mode and leverage the qos engine on your existing router. Personally I would not recommend qos, though. We are aware people are interested in historic device usage information and the motto here is, "stays new, gets better". 

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    • David C. Thanks for the quick response - honestly historical device history is more important for me than QoS per se. I would really like the ability to understand how much bandwidth each of my devices is using and what kind of speeds they are achieving - my main goal is to be able to optimize my network (i.e. know when I need to add more nodes to my network).

      Obviously immediate stats are available through the routers but not sure whether any of this data is stored. Is there some sort of API we can leverage to pull the immediate bandwidth information from eero nodes?

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      Roger Cracel  —

      Thanks for reaching out! You can find an existing feature request for bandwidth monitoring here.

  • I completely agree with this.  I too am disappointed to find that I purchased the only mesh network solution without data usage.  Having just receive my first notice from Comcast that my family exceeded the 1TB limit, I could really use this information.  Between 4k video streaming and xbox game downloads (new games and updates), it is getting easier to hit 1,024 GB in usage.  I would feel better if I knew for sure which devices were using the most data. 

  • This may not be a solution for everyone or anyone BUT you can get yourself a cheap OpenWRT compatible device ($10-40) some come with OpenWRT installed already. Set this up in bridge mode in front of your gateway Eero and then use the OpenWRT box to monitor and limit data/bandwidth use. In fact I've used https://www.gargoyle-router.com/ which is a customized version of OpenWRT designed specifically for bandwidth and data usage monitoring. It can also enforce quotas on specific devices to prevent them from downloading and uploading too much data.

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  • Pretty lame they haven't done this and its 2020.  

  • +1 for adding this, at least via SNMP or other protocol to capture it if not planning on storing it.

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