Some features I'd like to see added to eero!

Have some ideas that I thought I'd pass along.. even if these requests have been made in the past, figured it wouldn't hurt to add them so eero knows there are more of us ;)

1) Multi-admin ability.  Whether its multiple people in one home (family/roommate), or an integrator like me, the ability to have multiple people administer the network would be huge.  I'd love to be able to add client's networks to my account so we both have access, and not have to 'own' the network.  An example would be where they want to administer the family profiles & I can administer some of the advanced features or troubleshooting, etc.

2) Ability to name the network something other than the SSID.  Might only be helpful for a few of us, but would be amazing to be able to name the networks by clients' names and not their SSID's (which are pretty random & difficult to identify)

3) Remote reboot

4) Some troubleshooting tools on our end would be amazing... how cool would it be to have wifi mapping tools built in to your app so we can walk around and place AP's where needed without needing 3rd party software.

5) QoS... so many of us use VoIP, wifi calling, skype, etc., would be great to be able to tag some of that traffic..

5) And while I'm dreaming, some matrix/reporting on client usage (bandwidth used) and type (applications used).  Would be used to see if a device is sending/receiving certain traffic, etc.

6) Last but not least, endpoint security integration... a great opportunity to resell security services that turns the eero into an UTM appliance.  I know that turns it into a completely different animal at that point and once can easily suggest I get a business class router/firewall, but would be great to protect from malware, etc. before getting into the network.


Ok, that's it for now.  Thank you all at eero for making sure a great product...

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    1) I'm not exactly sure what you're asking here, since you can already switch networks and have the eero app on more than one device (so more than one person in a household can access the network via app). I'm guessing you mean something more in depth, though?

    2) Sounds like it should be just a change in the app, and nothing to do with the actual network. Shouldn't be too hard?

    3) Yes!

    4) I thought the app was going to have a sort of WiFi beacon mode when placing devices so you could see the best spots. Instead, it just has pages of tips. This would be a great feature.

    5) Needs to be done correctly! Every implementation of QoS I've seen so far has just slowed everything down, so I turn it back off.

    6) Can't comment.

    I'd say to add the #4 stuff in place of the pretty-much-useless speedtest, which never gives accurate readings.


    Good list.

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    • Jeff_C
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    Hi  buschtech —

    Thanks for your feedback and welcome to the eero community! A few of these have been shared in the past, so definitely encourage you taking a look and chiming into the discussion :)

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    You can now add another network administrator 

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