Audio Distortion on Wireless speakers with Eero PRO 6 router

I recently switched to EERO PRO 6. Since then, my Nakamichi wireless subwoofer is experiencing transmission interference from wifi router on the 5GHz band. 


Can anyone suggest potential fixes or workarounds? 

Since this seems like a common issue with interference with devices sharing 5GHz band, is EERO planning to update its software, for customers to not experience such issues? 

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    What troubleshooting steps have you taken to isolate and resolve this behavior so far? The normal first steps are going to be restarting your eero network, verifying that your eero network is up to date in the eero app Settings -> Software Updates, and forgetting the network and rejoining the network with the device.

    Looking to hear back from you,


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    • ram
    • 3 yrs ago
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    I did perform couple of recommended steps, 

    1. Upgraded firmware of my Nakamichi system to the latest

    2. Turned off Eero. Now turned on my Nakamichi system, played some music, so it can occupy the specific band. Now turned Eero back on, hoping it does not use the same band, as its already in use and busy.

    It still did not resolve the issue.


    My Eero software is also up-to-date. Version: 6.1.1.  

    • ram
    • 3 yrs ago
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    Found a similar issue being discussed on reddit, and there is an EERO Support person mentioning that a firmware update is coming soon to address all such issues. Any updates on that? 




    • surrealzz
    • 2 yrs ago
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    GREAT to see this went 11 months without any answer from customer support.  I have the same issue and would love to know why we still cannot change our routers wifi channels.  Making things simple is helpful but making something dumb is just still dumb.  Would love to know what to do...?

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