New eero6+. Am I getting what I should be?

I just bought a 3-unit eero 6+ last week and best I can tell, it works great. I have 1 gig service from my cable company (50 Mbs upload) and at my main, desktop computer (an iMac) I'm getting around 930 Mbs ethernet going through the eero, and about the same when I switch my computer to wireless. That's about as good as anyone could expect.

I have the two mesh routers (which I assume picks up a signal from the main one and amplifies it) in the family room and another in a bedroom. The best I've gotten in the family room is just over 300 down, and about the same with the bedroom one.

Is that about as good as I can expect? It's fine for anything I want to do, but just wondering should it be near 1 gig. 

I have a two story house, and that's where the main cable modem, router, and the iMac are. One mesh unit is in the master bedroom about 40 feet away, and the family room one is downstairs, maybe 15 feet away straightline distance, but it has to go through carpet, 3/4 plywood subfloor, 12 inches of air, and then through sheetrock (the ceiling in the family room). Is 200-300 Mbs the best I can expect, or would further positioning make any difference. When I'm using my laptop (a MacBook Pro, late model) I'm about 10 feet away from the family room mesh unit.

I know my service is sufficient, but I like numbers and statistics. Should my mesh units be near 1 gig as well?


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