Two Devices That Don't Play Well With WPA3 Beta (Wyze and Sensibo)

I just thought I'd report these two devices not working with WPA3.  The Wyze issue has been ongoing for at least a year based on a post on found on their forum.

1.  The Wyze Outdoor Hub (v1) won't connect to wifi if the eero hub has WPA3 turned on.

2.  The Sensibo Pure air filter won't see the eero SSID during setup if WPA3 is turned on, and there's no way to enter it if it doesn't see it.  You can turn WPA3 back on after setup, however, unlike the Wyze issue.

I have other Wyze and Sensibo products, and they work fine, and some of both companies' products are older than the ones that don't work, which seems odd.

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    • Mhsowell
    • 1 yr ago
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    I have over 150 devices and everything worked fine with WPA3 except my MyQ wifi garage door opener. 

      • Goodspike
      • 1 yr ago
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      Mhsowell Odd, I have a MyQ and it worked fine!  It was one of the first devices I switched over.

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