WPA3 (main-net) Other Security Standards (guest-net) ?

Is it possible to configure the main and guest networks to use different security standards?  For the moment, I turned off the WPA3 security standard (making it possible to connect the older devices to WiFi) and put my older devices on the guest network.  However, now I cannot re-enable WPA3.  It seems that the Eero app senses the older devices and won't turn-on WPA3 while they're connected—similar to the inability to connect older devices while WPA3 was enabled.

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  • Hello Bill Goldner ,

    A device connecting to your network will not prevent you from enabling WPA3. Try restarting the app on your phone and if you are still unable to enable WPA3, let me know as we'll want to have you reach out to support so we can investigate further.

  • Hello James ,

    Since reading your reply (and thank you, btw), I successfully got right back into the Eero app and re-enabled the WPA3 Beta feature.  However, doing so did kick my older device from the WiFi network.  This brings me back to my original question: Is it possible (or, at least, when officially released) to configure the main and guest networks to use different security standards?  The use case I'm considering is that devices compatible with WPA3 get placed on the main network while older (non-compatible) devices get assigned to the guest network.  Thanks and regards!

  • Hello Bill Goldner ,

    We can submit this as a feature request for sure. Can you send an email to support@eero.com about this and request it as a feature request? We'll then be able to get it escalated up for review and consideration.

  • Thanks James ,

    I will do that.

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