Dead spot 10 feet in front of eero Pro 6

I have an eero Pro 6 sitting 10 feet in front of where I sit and watch TV acting as a gateway and another eero Pro 6 a significant distance from the gateway on a different floor acting as a range extender. I have a direct line of sight to the eero gateway. Starting approximately 2 weeks ago if I sit in my chair (where it's always been) with my iPhone 13 comfortably in front of me the WIFI signal drops completely and the internet (both with browsers and apps) becomes completely unresponsive. If I move my phone 12" to my right or left (to the edge of the chair) or up 12" full WIFI signal returns immediately and the internet becomes responsive again. This behavior is 100% reproducible with my wife's iPhone 13 and my son's iPhone 12 and this unresponsiveness occurs 100% of the time. My MacBook Pro siting on my lap in approximately the same position has ZERO problems. I've tried moving the eero around on the shelf where it sits and that doesn't change anything. I've toggled Client Steering on and off and that doesn't help. I removed the range extending eero Pro 6 from the network and that did not help. I just can not figure out why the spot exactly where I hold the phone while sitting in my seat causes the internet to become unresponsive. The images where taken with the phone in the position were to the right and left it works and in the center where it does not. 

Left position - internet works



Center position - Internet is unresponsive 



Right Position - internet works


There are shelves behind the TV and I've moved the eero up and down and left and right on them and it does not change this behavior. Any help appreciated. 

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