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Hello. I am thinking of switching from conventional routers to the Eero setup. However, I have a specific need that I want to make sure is addressed before I make the switch. I am able to connect my cable modem to one base unit via Ethernet. However, I have an aquarium that uses a controller requiring an Ethernet connection to it. I currently have a Netgear wireless router than I am using for this connection. The spot the aquarium is in does not have access to a wired Ethernet connection.

My question is: if I add a base unit to that room, plugged into the wall, and connect the aquarium controller to it via Ethernet cable, will it provide an internet signal to the controller? I wasn't sure if the base unit in this case would strictly perform as a WiFi unit only or if it could provide a signal to the controller through the Ethernet cable. The controller does not have WiFi functionality and must be connected to a router using a cable.

Thank you!

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  • Anything plugged into the 2nd ethernet port of the Eero should be able to get signal for sure. I have 4 wired euros - two have network switches attached offering wired and wireless through those eeros, and the other two just offer up wifi to other device. Easy peasy.

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      cotedan87 have to love auto-correct.  Euros vs eeros :) 

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  • Thanks for your response. Just to be sure - if my second base is not hard wired (only plugged in via AC to the wall) but pulling a WiFi signal from the first base which is hard wired, the second base will still be able to provide a signal via Ethernet connection in addition to via WiFi?

    • bluedevil2010 yes, it will work exactly how you’re needing it to. One my eeros is wirelessly connected to the gateway eero, but I have a switch connected to it with several devices.

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    • cMoo92 

      Perfect! Thank you so much for the feedback. Much appreciated!

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