Not getting expected speeds; looking for advice.

Looking for some input here. I have 400Mbps service through Spectrum but get nowhere near this speed on wifi. Some details:

  • I have a 3400 square foot two-story (not counting the finished basement) with one ethernet drop on each floor.
  • The ethernet drops terminate in the basement at an outside wall, which is also where my cable modem is located. 
  • Spectrum > Basic Arris modem provided by ISP > Eero base unit > Netgear switch feeding ethernet ports elsewhere in the house.
  • Current wifi set up: eero Pro in the basement, one Beacon on 1st and 2nd floors
  • I've also purchased additional eero Pros with the thought to replace the Beacons with these and plugged them into ethernet on the 1st and 2nd floors. Speeds were slightly improved, but still not what I'd expect.
  • Before upgrading to 400Mbps, I was on a 200Mbps plan. I could hit 200Mbps from anywhere in the house on wifi.

Current speeds:

  • Eero app: 436Mbps down
  • Speedtest app on iPhone, 2nd floor: 64.1Mbps
  • Speedtest app on iPhone, 1st floor: 131Mbps
  • Speedtest app on iPhone, basement: 414Mbps

Here's what I'm thinking re: potential solutions:

  1. Purchase a new Arris modem with built-in 4 port router, disable wifi, and use that to feed ethernet upstairs, where Pros would replace the Beacons.
  2. Have Spectrum relocate the modem on the main floor, continue to use the Pros instead of the Beacons. I suspect this gets more complicated with regards to how ethernet would be fed to the rest of the house.

Looking for some input from someone who may know a little more about home networking.

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  • Do the test again but this time, before running each test on each floor, turn off the wifi on your phone for about 10 seconds and then turn it back on. Then proceed with running the speed test and see if your results are better.

    I'm strongly suspecting that your iPhone is holding onto its connection with the eero in the basement instead of connecting to a closer eero. Unfortunately, there's nothing eero can do about this. The wifi protocol wasn't designed to allow for access points to force clients (i.e. your iPhone) to connect to a different access point. Rather, it's up to every device to choose which access point it wants to connect to--and then when to connect to a different one once the signal strength gets to a certain point.

  • I’ll test this tomorrow and post my results but I should add that this is not exclusive to my phone. I only mentioned that because it was the device I used for speed tests. 

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