New House woes

I have a Gen 1 eero system (4 units) hooked to XFinity Blast.  In my old home, I was getting great performance (ca. 160Mbps) and had zero issues.

I just moved into a new (bigger) house.  I installed the same 4 units, also hooked up to XFinity Blast.  Two of the eeros are connected via Cat6 cables, 2 are not.  My eero app shows a speed test of 298Mbps down and 12Mbps up.  The app shows great connections to all 4 eeros and no problems.  The placement test shows that the units are placed optimally

I am getting about 40Mbps at my Surface Laptop, even sitting within 10 feet of the "master" eero.  I have tried deleting the network, re-installing, rebooting, standing on my head and even juggling torches, but nothing seems to speed up my network.

I'm at a loss, and before I try another solution, I thought I'd ask here to see if anyone can help me.





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  • Jim - I'm (really) new to Eero, installed 2 Eero on my Comcast gateway yesterday afternoon. I measure 460Mbps off the gateway.  My best speedtests come from my MacBook pro, but I also have the MS Surface laptop.  I'd expect to see 300+ from Eero in good range.  Check the app, see that you're on 5G.  I'll also add tat I'm an AV guy, will be selling Eero and wouldn't want a customer to have your results, so I'm interested where we can solve this.

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