Is Smart Queue Management working properly for Bufferbloat?

The eero labs Smart Queue Management feature is not improving my “D” bufferbloat grade as reported by dslreports.com/speedtest. I have a DSL line with 20Mbps down and around 800Kbps up. I have poor upload latency before and after enabling SQM (download was already fairly satisfactory). It seems that eero SQM isn’t working for uploads, or possibly isn’t working for the restricted upload bandwidth which I have.

Is anyone seeing improved upload latency from eero SQM? The dslreports.com/speedtest results I found published in the eero community were all improved download, not improved upload.

My most recent eero in-app speed test is 1Kbps Up, 24Mbps down.  I’ve also seen 2Mbps and 3Mbps Up.  I believe that SQM depends on accurate bandwidth values which the eero in-app speed test appears to have a problem generating for the Upload value.  dslreports is consistent for me at around 800Kbps Up.

Details:  My most recent dslreports test is 0.808Mbps Upload with 565ms bufferbloat lag.  Down is 23.68Mbps with 85ms bufferbloat lag:


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  • I see the same issue. Download bufferbloat is minimized, but upload bufferbloat is still present. I often receive a C grade for bufferbloat on DSLreports speed test with Eero Pro (3.19.0 software).

    Before using Eero, I was using Openwrt on a TP Link C7 v2 with SQM cake enabled. I was getting A or better grades for bufferbloat. I suspect this is due to the ability to manually specify bandwidth on both upload and download on Openwrt.

  • Eero is asking me for some information in the support call which I opened.  I am hoping you can provide it for your situation:

    1. Run and save dslreports.com/speedtest hardwired to your eero with SQM enabled. Do it twice. Provide the url links to both.
    2. Run and save dslreports.com/speedtest hardwired to your eero with SQM disabled. Do it twice. Provide the url links to both.
    3. Run and save dslreports hardwired directly to your modem bypassing the eero.  Do it twice.  Provide the url links to both.
    4. Provide eero in-app speed testing results which are obtained at Home->Internet.

    FYI, my eero in-app speed testing shows values for Upload that are way off.  Mostly too high, like double for Upload on my 20Mbps/896Kbps DSL connection.  Occasionally I see 1Kbps Upload.  Eero has acknowledged there is a problem for very low bandwidth lines.  I speculate that this isn’t helping their Cake SQM behavior if they are relying on their in-app speed test results for setting Cake bandwidth limits.

    If you also want to share your OpenWRT SQM settings, I would mind seeing them.  I know you set Upload and Download bandwidth.  Are you using the Piece of Cake qdisc?  Are you setting any other parameters, such as framing compensation?


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