Web configuration substitute - Windows 11 runs Eero app natively

I came in here to find out how to access my Eero's web configuration and learned there is none (unless you are signed up with Eero as a Pro Installer).

Then I stumbled across this article that enables Android apps to run natively on Windows 11, using something (still experimental and WIP) called "Windows Android Subsystem": https://www.androidpolice.com/windows-11-apk-install-guide/

If your PC supports hardware virtualization and is up to date with Windows 11 patches, you can run the Eero app on your PC and do everything you can do with your phone. There are a few minor differences in the GUI (I need to press enter on the PC to change the friendly name of a device, whereas on the phone there is a "save" button). I've been through 90+% of the options in the app and so far everything works.

Just wanted to post this here as I see a lot of posts asking for a Web Interface. And I'd still like one. But if you have a suitable PC this is a really helpful substitute.


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