No "internet" main network only. Guest is fine.



My eero pro 6e are behaving very strangely. I'm not a technical person so forgive me for a last of precision.


A few days after setting up the network and connecting our devices (3 laptops, 2 phones, 1 TV). Everything worked fine for a bit and then devices started losing connection. The TV went first and never reconnected until we plugged in an ethernet cord.

Then laptops 2 & 3 lost connection but laptop 1 was fine. Then laptop 1 lost connection and laptops 2 & 3 reconnected. Today, laptops 1 & 2 disconnected. I turned on the guest network and laptops 1 and 2 connected to it and were fine.

From what is available in the app, it looks like nothing stays connected for very long and reconnecting is unreliable. 

I've done the basic troubleshooting and resets and nothing changed. It's infuriating because I spent a lot of money to change our "apartment with some dead zones" to an "apartment with devices that randomly go into unexplained comas."

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    • emailrob
    • 1 yr ago
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    Mine has been the same for over a week now. Last few days, it's been disconnecting every 30 minutes. Some a reboot of all the hubs and same issue. Contacted support a day ago, no reply 

    • Rafa507
    • 1 yr ago
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    Hi, I have probably the same issue..I posted that multiple devices are disconnecting... Could you please verify your software version pls.


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