Thank you for some great tech support

Yesterday I was trying to set up a new Eero system and ran across issues getting my first Eero registered because where I live I do not have any usable cell or internet data service (thanks Verizon), so was basically trying to set up the Eero without having any internet on my phone.  To contact support, I had to set up my old router and call over WiFi. The tech who was helping me (sorry, I did not get his name) went way above and beyond working with me and my lack of cell phone connectivity to ensure I could get my Eero online.  TO start the Eero setup, first I had to disconnect my old router, which instantly killed my phone connection to the Eero support tech. Since we knew this would happen, the tech had worked out a plan to help me get online without any connectivity on my phone.  He was able to sit and watch my connection attempts on his end and take over when it got to the part where I normally would be taking action with my phone.  

I am sure the test support reps get get criticised regularly, but I wanted to make sure you knew in this case, the tech support was outstanding and left me feeling like my decision to switch to Eero was a good one.


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