How do I set my gateway eero IP address to

I have purchased a 3-pack of Eero Pro 6 routers

I am replacing an existing network, with a complex configuration and a couple dozen reserved IPs.

I need to set the Gateway IP address to to match the existing network

how do I do this?

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  • greg12 Thanks for posting! This can be accomplished in the DHCP & NAT section of the Network Settings menu. This will not be able to be accessed until after the Gateway is setup in its default configuration. You can set the desired IP scheme, hit Save, and allow the reboot to enable the change.

  • Thank you for the quick response! I had checked that, and in that setting I see that I am able to set it to:

    but I do not see an option to allow me to configure it to 

    • greg12 Ah, I see the confusion. That first selection only locks in the first two section of the IP Scheme. From there, you would set Subnet IP as , set the Starting IP as (or anything higher than 1) and set the Subnet Mask and Ending IP based on the size of network you intend to use. 

  • Thanks. here’s what’s happening:

    1. I update the Subnet IP to (from its default and click Save.

    2. It prompts me “Reboot Required: W@e need to reboot your eero to apply the new settings…” and I click Reboot

    3. It immediately pops up a dialog “We couldn’t update your settings: We ran into an issue updating your settings. Please check to make sure yuo entered the right values and try again”

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    • greg12 Do you also update the Subnet Mask, Starting IP, and Ending IP? If not, ensure you are updating each of those to create a valid IP setting. If you are already doing so, give our team a call and we will be happy to check what may be preventing the setting from saving (being in Double NAT where the upstream router is using that IP scheme already is the most common culprit, but we can investigate other options as well).

    • greg12 Just to elaborate on what would generally be used, Subnet Mask would be Starting IP is and Ending IP would be

  • Evan thank you — the subnet mask setting was what I was missing.  it works now as I needed.  Thanks for the quick support!

  • This is something that has to take place for your router to make the right connections.

  • As mentioned above, is known as Netgear Router Login Admin IP address. It is also called the host address. Once the router has been connected to the internet, you will be redirected to Router Admin Login page.

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