Significant package loss - Also occurs with Google Nest

We have been dealing with this problem for almost a year now. We initially had the old puck style Google mesh system that worked flawlessly and we loved it. All of a sudden our basement point started disconnecting. I called Google and they did all the things they could think of. In the end they said the point was bad and since out of warranty I was out of luck. I bought the new bubble shaped Google Nest mesh system with 3 points. This system worked great for a couple days and then we noticed disconnecting. Sometimes for minutes. before it would come back. I then replaced our modem with a Motorola DOCSIS 3.0. The problem continued. I downloaded Ping Plotter and could now see all the package loss occurring. It was happening at all times of day and sometimes small loss and other very long losses. I had Cox come out 3x and in the end we hardwired my PC and the drops stopped, pointing to it being the router as the issue. I then replaced the Google Nest mesh with an old TP Link router. No problems with wifi and package loss. I contacted Google and they had me do some trial and error with different electronics in the house that could be causing interference. Nothing fixed the issue. We had not changed anything when the problem began. Frustrated I went out and bought another expansive mesh system, the Eero. This worked great for a couple days and the problem AGAIN came back. We both work from home so this is extremely problematic. Why would this happen on both the Nest and Eero? There's no rhyme or reason for when the drops start. For example as I'm typing this I went to look at Ping Plotter and there was a disconnect for almost 10 minutes. Please can anyone point me to a solution or reason? It has been so frustrating to have Zooms drop for work.

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  • Wifi is a fiddly thing, it can be affected by all sorts of stuff, like your neighbor using a microwave, you using a baby monitor, water flowing in a nearby pipe, a dog farting in an adjacent room, etc.


    It sounds to me like the eero and the google nest are both experiencing transient interference. A device you have, or one a neighbor has may be causing trouble. Since you already have your PC hardwired to the router, perhaps it would be best if you also hardwired your basement eero instead?

    • christ110 I live in a remote area. Our neighbors are over a football field away. We have tried unplugging all other electric devices to see which is the issue but the problem persists. Why would the old TP Link router work without issue and the mesh systems fail horribly? I have tried hardwiring the Eero and Nest in the basement and the wifi still drops. Most devices are on wifi. The PC was only used as a test to see if the problem was with the ISP or modem. The problem starts our the router.

    • christ110 Also, these aren't little drops. This was the package loss around 7:30 this evening.

    • christ110 what’s the square footage of your home and how many eeros do you have?

      Do you have any airports or weather radar stations in the area?

    • cMoo92 Airport is about 15 miles away and there are no weather stations near us. We are in Bent Mountain VA. Closest would be Blacksburg and that’s a 45 min drive. 
      Home is 2,000 sq ft. Including the finished basement.

    • cMoo92 oh and we have the hub eero and 2 others for a total of 3. I have the basement one unplugged because it kept disconnecting. The issue persists even while upstairs.

    • talkingspider talk to eero support. They’ll be able to see a lot more detail in the logs. It’s possible it’s a DFS channel issue, since you’re not that far from an airport.

    • cMoo92 Thank you. I didn't think 15 miles from an airport was enough to mess with my wifi. I am skeptical of trying the support because it seems like other people with a similar problem never get anywhere with them, but I guess I should try. Thanks again.

    • talkingspider I work in IT and manage enterprise networks, and I’ve always been happy with eero support when I’ve needed it. Just remember, the limited number of complaints on here and other social media doesn’t reflect the thousands of other users who have great support experiences but don’t bother to report that :)

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