Eero allocated two Subnets in Automatic mode

When DHCP is in automatic mode, the devices connected to Eero are getting IPs in both 192.* and 10.* ranges.

This is a problem for the devices which cannot find each other across the subnets.


Is this normal? I assumed that in automatic mode eero will still use one subnet mask.

Is the only solution to switch to manual DHCP?

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  • I’m assuming you have the guest network enabled? Any devices connecting to the guest network would be in a different subnet.

  • Guest is enabled, but the devices are not using it. They all log in to the main network.

  • Is this a good configuration?

    Manual IP

    IP address prefix

    Subnet IP

    Subnet Mask

    Starting IP

    Ending IP


    We will use - for static IPs.

  • why are you subnets so large? /16?

      • Zach
      • Zach
      • 2 yrs ago
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      We have about 20 devices permanently connected to the main network, and about 100 connected to guest at a time (customers come and go). Don't want to run out of IPs, and I don't know what is Eero's policy of releasing them.


      Is there any downside for /16? I can use /20 instead. Probably even less.

  • I don't know if there is a downside to that other than possible IP conflicts if someone on your network fires up a VPN to something. I would go with something smaller than like like a /24 which still gives you more than enough IP's (254 usable IP's).  I don't think the guest network is configurable, is it?  If it is, I really need to know how to do that. I ran into some issues since the eero pro system automatically carves up separate IP segments for the guest network and I need more control of the IP segments on the guest network.  

    If my observations are correct, your main network is configured for /16 and doesn't have anything to do with the guest network...seems that you trying to address the concern of running out of guest network IP's and those are automatically set at /24 segments from everything I see. 

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