Connecting My Ethernet-PC-USP-connected Printer via WiFi

I seemed to have solved my problem, but in a somewhat odd way. I have two Windows 10 PC's. If I connect one via the Ethernet port on the back of the eero base, and the other via WiFi only, the wired PC is not visible in Windows Explorer/Network on the WiFi-connected PC, and I cannot connect to my printer which is physically connected to the Ethernet-wired PC via USB001. However, if I connect via WiFi on the wired PC, it then does appear in Windows Explorer/Network on the WiFi-only PC. At that point I can also network-add my printer to the WiFi-only PC. So this all works. The wired PC is still wired *and* connected via WiFi; eero does not seem to mind that I am doing this. When I do this, Stardock Multiplicity KVM on the secondary (wired) PC shows two IP addresses (one for wired and one for WiFi). When I look at connected devices in the eero app on my phone, two IP addresses also show for this wired PC when the PC is connected both ways.

The above printer issues aside, I have both PC's set for file and printer sharing, network discovery is turned on, and all hard drives (except C:/) allow sharing on the network. So even when the wired PC is on a wired-only connection to eero, both machines can access each others' hard drives and Multiplicity KVM works fine between the two all via eero.

In summary, it appears I can only share my printer when both PC's have WiFi turned on and not when one is connected via Ethernet only. Is there away to open this capability to a Ethernet wired-only PC? I don't see any printer sharing settings in my eero phone app. Nevertheless, the arrangement I described above is working.

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  • This doesn’t sound like normal behavior at all to me. I’d recommend contacting eero support to see if they can assist you.

  • Yes, I sent that same message to Support. We'll see what they say. Thanks.

  • Got this reply from Customer Service. They're doing further study:

    "Hello Peter,Thanks for reaching out to us here at eero! I appreciate the very detailed write-up here! MY name is Dallas and I am part of the Tier Two team here at eero. I am not very familiar with printer sharing, so I want to sit down with my team here and dive into this a bit more. As soon as I have a more direct answer as to why this is happening, I will reach back out. Again, thank you for the very detailed write-up!Thanks for being a part of the eero family."

    • pgchase Did you ever get a resolution to this issue? If so, could you please post the solution? Thanks!

  • the ideas are just amazing. I also check it from https://printersupports.co/epson-support-canada/ . wifi provides wireless internet access. nowadays it is very much demanding service.

  • I subsequently got a network switch for $11 to expand eero's one Ethernet port into four. Consequently, both PC's are connected to eero via Ethernet, not WiFi. Works great. I only print from the one PC to which the printer is physically connected via USB; not a big issue. (Although I could make both PC's reach the printer via normal file and printer sharing in Windows.) Also, (off-topic) since then I have discontinued my cable TV subscription ("cut the cord"), and eero is heavily involved with that, using Roku, Sling TV and Tablo (4-tuner OTA DVR), all via eero WiFi available to every device in the house. Works great. My cable bill went from $195 to $44 a month. Now we get Internet-only 100mbs down/10mbs up. eero takes it all in stride.

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