Eero System Unable To Connect To Internet In New House

I’m having issues with my Eero system connecting to the internet. I recently moved the Eero system to a new house which connects with a Ethernet wire directly into to the wall.

Currently, our older ASUS AC-87U router is directly connected into the wall via Ethernet wire and functions fine (aside from poorer overall coverage in our house).

I have tried the gateway Eero and the two additional Eeros (plus each Ethernet port) without any luck.

To test if the Eeros were faulty, I ran an Ethernet cable from the ASUS router to the Eero and they functioned correctly.

Again, I tried running just the Eeros without any luck.

Any help from the community would be greatly appreciatied!

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  • Who is providing your internet? There’s got to be some kind of eqpt provided by your ISP like a modem that you’re connecting to. In which case, you probably need to power cycle that equipment and then connect your eero.

  • As far as I can tell it is a Fiber Optic (not FiOS) and it’s direct to the wall without any modem I can find. Again the ASUS router has no problem connecting to internet.

    • Rich fiber internet will still have a ONT box (optical network terminal) which converts from fiber to copper. That box may be inside or outside your house.

      I think the best way to proceed with resolving your issue is to contact eero support. You may also need to contact your ISP. I only have experience with enterprise/business fiber internet connections, not residential fiber handoffs, so I’m not sure how much troubleshooting you can do without talking to either eero or ISP support.

      Was your eero the first thing you connected, or your ASUS router? I know that sometimes with cable/DSL modems, they only hand out an IP address to the router first connected, unless they are power cycled.

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