Double NAT as a solution to the 2.4 GHz issue?

I was about to return my new Eero / Beacon equipment because I could not get a few 2.4 type devices to connect at all (Wyze camera and Sonos) and then thought about having 2 networks to address this problem.


I currently have the Eero plugged into my ISP provided router so I have 2 separate networks. One for those devices and one for everything else. 


Seems to be working but before I commit to this I wanted to find out if anyone is aware of any pitfalls or problems i may encounter. ANd if not why isn't this being touted as a possible solution for this well known issue? 

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  • Just to make sure I’m understanding you correctly, you’re running a WiFi network on your ISP router and a different one on eero?

  • yes exactly. My old router provides a 2.4 Ghz network that those devices can find. They are unable to connect via Eero even if set up / installed successfully. 

    • karenewinston ok, well you shouldn’t have any issues with your current setup, but if you haven’t tried working with eero support already, I would highly recommend doing so. I have several Sonos speakers that I’ve never had issues with connecting to my eero network, and I have some other 2.4Ghz devices that work fine too, so you’re issue isn’t “normal” behavior. Sometimes some 2.4Ghz devices have problems connecting to eero since it doesn’t broadcast a 2.4Ghz SSID separately, but generally speaking devices work fine.

  • I am having trouble connecting my Wyze cameras as well.

  • I am assuming from reading that there is no real way to connect a device (specifically a Roku streaming stick) to the 2.4 network 

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