Double NAT as a solution to the 2.4 GHz issue?

I was about to return my new Eero / Beacon equipment because I could not get a few 2.4 type devices to connect at all (Wyze camera and Sonos) and then thought about having 2 networks to address this problem.


I currently have the Eero plugged into my ISP provided router so I have 2 separate networks. One for those devices and one for everything else. 


Seems to be working but before I commit to this I wanted to find out if anyone is aware of any pitfalls or problems i may encounter. ANd if not why isn't this being touted as a possible solution for this well known issue? 

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  • Just to make sure I’m understanding you correctly, you’re running a WiFi network on your ISP router and a different one on eero?

  • yes exactly. My old router provides a 2.4 Ghz network that those devices can find. They are unable to connect via Eero even if set up / installed successfully. 

    • karenewinston ok, well you shouldn’t have any issues with your current setup, but if you haven’t tried working with eero support already, I would highly recommend doing so. I have several Sonos speakers that I’ve never had issues with connecting to my eero network, and I have some other 2.4Ghz devices that work fine too, so you’re issue isn’t “normal” behavior. Sometimes some 2.4Ghz devices have problems connecting to eero since it doesn’t broadcast a 2.4Ghz SSID separately, but generally speaking devices work fine.

  • I am having trouble connecting my Wyze cameras as well.

  • I am assuming from reading that there is no real way to connect a device (specifically a Roku streaming stick) to the 2.4 network 

  • Your solution of having a dedicated 2nd network to connect your 2.4ghz items is the only way to go.  When Eero updated their software to accommodate the new wifi6 hardware they hosed any ability to connect to older 2.4ghz items.  I've spent hours with support dealing with this issue, and the crux of it is, the gateway Eero puts out NO 2.4ghz signal.  In my setup with 3 Eero pros, I can't even get my iPhone X to connect to the 2.4ghz network when I disable the 5Ghz in the Eero app. I finally gave up and bought an Airport extreme on Ebay to set up a 2ndary network.  Now my older Nest Thermostat and Cannon printer/scanner are back online.  I don't believe this is an issue confined only to the Eero hardware.  Similar complaints have been registered with other mesh networks. I don't believe this will be solved soon, too many moving parts!

    • sefanzed I don’t know why you’re having these issues with your network, but your statement that the latest eero hardware doesn’t even put out a 2.4GHz signal is completely false. I currently have 15+ devices that are 2.4GHz only connected to my eero 6 Pro gateway. And if I pause 5Ghz using the app, my phone connects to the 2.4Ghz radio just fine.

      I’m assuming that since you’ve been working with eero support that they’ve had you make sure all eero Labs stuff is turned off, but in case you haven’t tried that, make sure to do that. Typically the problems you’re describing are caused by having WPA3 and/or band steering enabled.

  • Sorry, but you're totally wrong.  I've spent hours on the issue and the gateway Eero outputs nothing on the 2.4Ghz band.  Period, end of report.

  • Actually it does put out 2.4G. See attached photo

  • That’s not your gateway. 

  • Ok.  This picture.  Printer is connected via WiFi to the office eero which IS my gateway 

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  • The newer hardware may work, but my eero pros don’t.  The newer updates that unified Wi-Fi 6 and the older hardware hosed 2.4ghz connectivity.  I’ve invested a lot of time with senior tech support and the older eero hardware isn’t supporting many older 2,4ghz devices. 

  • I rebuilt my entire network one eero at a time. The gateway eero when placed into 2,4ghz solo mode couldn’t be detected by any device. Not even by my iPhone X.  The only inkling of connectivity came from the satellite eero pros, and even when my iPhone could see the network it wouldn’t connect. The only solution that has worked for me after hours with eero tech support is to use a separate wireless network (airport extreme) to have a reliable connection with my 6 year old nest thermostat and my cannon printer. My network worked perfectly until several updates ago...  this is a total firmware issue.  

  • Hey sefanzed,


    my Eeros are older eero mesh units. I have added two beacons for better coverage like in backyard, driveway and on front porch.  Mostly for WiFi security cameras


    i have maybe 8-10 devices that connect via 2.4 GHz. A couple of the cameras flip from 2.4 to 5. A couple of thermostats are 2.4 only as well as a console for outdoor thermometer 


    I don’t know what problems you’ve been having, but the older mesh units DO put out 2.4

  • Yes, but you have a Eero 6 gateway.  As I mentioned, the satellites do present the 2.4ghz band, but not all devices can connect.  In my case, I'm stilling working with support (who are diligently trying to unravel this).  Having one OS for both Eero Pros and Eero 6's has resulted in unintended consequences.  As in all things IT, your milage may vary :)

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