Quick Question: Guest Network via Bridged Mode?


I just bought a 3-pack of the new Eero Pro!  My ISP’s router+modem combo box does NOT have the option to bridge itself so I had to bridge my Eeros to avoid a double NAT situation.

I have guests coming over for the holidays and would prefer for them to be on an isolated network.

Does Eero’s Guest Access/Guest Network work well while the Eeros are in a bridge mode configuration?



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  • No, guest mode won’t work in bridge mode since the eero can’t isolate traffic unless it’s acting as the router.

    • cMoo92 I just tried it.


      I put my Eeros into bridge mode, let them restart, and then switched on the guest network and set it up.  I tested some devices on the guest network and they were working fine.  Naturally, I can’t tell if they’re truly isolated from the main network like they should be but their internet access works fine.  So it can be done.


      At this point, I’m just waiting on an Eero employee to let me know if this kind of set-up is safe from a network security perspective.  Feedback from other Eero users who do this is also welcome.

  • I have several eeros in bridge mode behind an att uverse router. I turned on eero guest mode for two devices on the guest network. The ip addresses for each of the guest devices is in a different range than the main network. The main network is 192.168.xxx the first guest device is on and the next guest device comes in at So, I think the eero in bridge mode guest is setting up its own routing for the guest network while the att router is doing all the other routing. Is that what is happening? Anyone know? Seems to work, just want to know what is going on.


  • Confirming that the guest network works when eeros are in bridge mode.

  • Yes, the guest network definitely works with eero in bridge mode.

  • Looks like several people say that Guest Network works in Bridge Mode. How does it work though?

    The only thing that comes immediately to mind is that Eero is setting up a new network and doing some kind of NAT-ing with the "main" network. Maybe treating it as it would a WAN. But that would mean that guests could still access IPs on the "main" network.

  • I have the same issue in Bridge mode. When we connect to the guest network we have to add static DNS server on mobile phone to access internet. Eero is having some kind of DNS resolving issues.

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