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We have a three eero network and love having great WiFi all over the house! Also like your Family Profiles feature to ensure the kids are off devices in the evening and school day mornings. Our profiles keep the kids' devices off the Internet from 8 pm to 8 am, so our kids get sleep, and get ready for school on time.


In addition, we'd like to ensure that our kids only have total of 90 minutes of screen time a day. This is in addition to our current rules of no Internet from 8 to 8. Is there a way to do this today? If not, could you please track this feature request? 

Yes, I know you can manually pause the Internet from the eero app. But we can't exactly hover our kids with a stopwatch to track when they hit 90 minutes of Internet usage when we're driving, making dinner, etc.


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    • sonnyj
    • 8 mths ago
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    This feature is built into Xfinity routers which I may need to revert back to if I can't figure out another way to limit device internet access by time.

    • alece
    • 6 mths ago
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    Eero Team - Is this a feature you ever plan on implementing? It baffles me that it still doesn’t exist. I shouldn’t need a third party service to do this with a system as robust as yours. 

    • optimus23
    • 3 mths ago
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    I second these comments.  I expected this feature when I bought this and am paying for the plus service as well.   Simply mirror what screentime does on apple.  Allows you to approve 15 mins, 1 hour, etc of screentime for the family profile.   That allows us to dole out an hour of internet as a reward for chores completed, etc.  the workaround to do this using schedules is a real pain.  

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