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We have a three eero network and love having great WiFi all over the house! Also like your Family Profiles feature to ensure the kids are off devices in the evening and school day mornings. Our profiles keep the kids' devices off the Internet from 8 pm to 8 am, so our kids get sleep, and get ready for school on time.


In addition, we'd like to ensure that our kids only have total of 90 minutes of screen time a day. This is in addition to our current rules of no Internet from 8 to 8. Is there a way to do this today? If not, could you please track this feature request? 

Yes, I know you can manually pause the Internet from the eero app. But we can't exactly hover our kids with a stopwatch to track when they hit 90 minutes of Internet usage when we're driving, making dinner, etc.


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  • Please please please prioritize this feature. 

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  • Just unplugged my Eero’s and plugged in Orbi. HUGE difference!! Much better control over what my kids can do/see. If you didn’t know, Orbi has “Circle” built-in/on-board. Too easy now to control time spent, sites visited, and other features...all built in. 

  • So Orbi supports this and Eero still does not?

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  • Please, please incorporate this feature!!

  • Please add this feature! It is so needed. So many other products already have it. Maybe I need to switch to orbi or google

  • Any update on this feature?  It is a core feature on the Netgear Orbi that I miss (but otherwise eero is 100% better!).  

  • Can we make this happen? It would be easier set a time limit, instead of remembering to restrict access for our two kids

  • This is a basic/entry-level feature on a number of other devices...how is it possible that this extremely basic feature is not available on eero ? Changing my review to 2 stars, at best....

  • Hi, just installed my new eero system! Are there any news on the update ? I saw that the request was made 3yrs ago... 

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  • I would like to see Circle features incorporated into Eero.  I just moved to the Eero Pro 6 and the parental controls are buggy at best.  Prior to Eero, I had Circle on my network for many years and it worked great.  How long before Eero is going to have a more robust parental control toolset like Circle or Orbi?

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  • I updated to eero Secure, their paid extortionware. Still sucks. Trying to block Youtube, it works on laptops, not phones. Completely inconsistent and high friction user experience. Overall Eero has been a big disappointment. Complete joke of a company. The actual hardware seems to work very well at providing a solid mess wifi blanket on my house, so I give the hardware much higher marks than my old LUMA system. But the software, payware, lack of development is completely out of sync with my expectations with Amazon acquiring the company.

  • A friendly nudge on this feature. It should be a default feature, but if it had to be paid this is what would make Eero secure worth it. 

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  • Simply put- If I can see total screen time by profile (regardless of device) by day (regardless of website/app/etc) I will subscribe, otherwise the subscription is useless.  This data must exist, just allow me to see it/report on it!!!!

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  • Should not take this long to decide and develop this enhancement. This critical for parents. 

  • Yes please, this would be a great enhancement 

  • I use to have a Luma wifi mesh network and it has this feature and I loved it. It tracked time by profile, so I could assign all my daughters devices to her profile and when she ran out of time in one she ran out on all. Luma got acquired and isnt really supported as a product any more sO I switched to Eero and this I believe is it’s biggest drawback.

  • Please add this feature Eero!  

  • Just wanted to bump up this suggestion -- some kind of "xx minutes per day across these categories" limit would be great. That would make it much easier to keep my kids' screen time in check while still giving them access to things like Google classroom and not having to do anything drastic like block YouTube entirely.

    (Also, honestly, I could probably use this feature myself to get me off of Twitter.)

  • Pls please please add this feature!! It’s available on all other parental control services. It’s mind boggling  that it’s not a feature on eero yet, especially since it’s been requested for so long. 

  • This is an essential add and wouldn't be difficult either.  Much needed to justify the subscription cost.

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