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We have a three eero network and love having great WiFi all over the house! Also like your Family Profiles feature to ensure the kids are off devices in the evening and school day mornings. Our profiles keep the kids' devices off the Internet from 8 pm to 8 am, so our kids get sleep, and get ready for school on time.


In addition, we'd like to ensure that our kids only have total of 90 minutes of screen time a day. This is in addition to our current rules of no Internet from 8 to 8. Is there a way to do this today? If not, could you please track this feature request? 

Yes, I know you can manually pause the Internet from the eero app. But we can't exactly hover our kids with a stopwatch to track when they hit 90 minutes of Internet usage when we're driving, making dinner, etc.


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  • Hi  asargent

    Thanks for reaching out and for your feature request!

    We are happy to hear family profiles are working great for setting a schedule for internet time, and we greatly appreciate the additional feedback for how to expand family profiles in your particular use case.

    In this scenario, would it just be a pause? Such as, pause the internet if this device hits 90 minutes of online time or it is 8 pm? 

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  • Yes, exactly, pause if device hits 90 minutes of online time, or 8 pm.

    The pause should last until midnight. Of course, we don't expect our kids to be up at midnight, but strictly speaking, that is when the 90 minute limit should reset.

    Also, pausing until midnight allows devices to automatically download software updates.

    Indeed, for the kids' devices, we turn off Internet from 8 to midnight, and 5 am to 8 am, to ensure that kids get sleep but also allow a window when devices can download updates. That might be a best practice you use as a default in the product, when setting up Family Profiles for kids, since not all parents might not be thinking like a software industry person.

    Indeed, you could imagine a wizard that prompts the user (parent) for the following:

    Kid 1 name: 

    School days:

    Kid 1 bedtime:

    Kid 1 wake time:

    Kid 1 max time online: 


    Kid 1 bedtime:

    Kid 1 wake time:

    Kid 1 max time online: 

    ... and from there, construct a Family Profile that reflects those. Of course, people could customize, but I bet the above would work for 99% of kids.

    Hope this helps!

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  • Thanks for the additional feedback,  asargent 🙌

    Also, that is some pretty interesting feedback regarding the updates! I'll share that feedback with our team for when we ever consider updating any copy in the app around Family Profiles.

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  • I love every detail of this suggested enhancement. This would be, to my knowledge, the only network app the allows for time limitations as well as the more common scheduling concept. So needed by every parent I know! Please set this up asap - it will bring you a huge population of networking parents eager for this specific feature. And putting it all together into each kids profile is brilliant. 

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  • I'd love for the eero to enforce accrued time allotments for my kids.  Today, I have to monitor the kids' usage and manually pause the wifi in the eero app.  Having the wifi shut off after 90 minutes per day or after 8pm would be fantastic!

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  • Please do this!  I want to teach my kids to manage their own time allotment, not police them.

    Software Logic:

    - Variable 1:  X total minutes of usage per day

    - Variable 2:  Y MB of data usage per minute for that minute to be included in daily total (eliminates phone pings, individual texts, and non-use time)

    - Parents set X and Y

    - App displays time remaining for each child.

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  • This is a brilliant suggestion regarding screen time quota, and we would become even bigger fans of eero if you add this feature. A screen time quota is a very common thing that very many (perhaps even most) parents enforce on their children. I have not heard of any other network router/switch that provides this feature, so it would be a nice bragging point for your marketing materials. (The idea of allowing for overnight software updates is a very good one too.)

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