Camera IP address out of range

Just set up my eero and all devices connected except for an IP camera.  See error message stating IP address is outside range of subnet range. Camera IP address is (old router IP)

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  • Hi  Gambrills953

    Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the eero community!

    There are two ways to fix this issue.

    If you can change the IP address of your camera, you can put it within the same lease range for your network. If you haven't made any advanced changes, the IP address for your devices will begin with 192.168.7.xx or 10.0.7.x (you can check this by tapping on one of your connected devices from your device list and scrolling down to the IP section).

    The other option you have is to change the DHCP & NAT settings of your network by setting a Manual IP range. To do so, take the following steps:

    1. Open the eero app
    2. Tap on the menu
    3. Tap on Network Settings
    4. Tap Advanced settings
    5. Tap DHCP & NAT
    6. Switch from Automatic to Manual IP

    Once you are there, you will see options for IP address prefix (which you should leave as Below that, there is a section titled Lease range. Tap on the Subnet IP option. From there, delete the 0.0 from the end of Subnet IP and type in 1.0. You will also want to change the others to the following:

    Subnet Mask:
    Start IP
    End IP

    After doing this, save the settings by tapping Save in the upper right corner and then proceed to go back to the previous screen (Advanced settings). 

    And one final step...

    From the Advanced settings screen, tap on Reservations & Port Forwarding. You will then tap to Add a reservation and find the camera on your network. If the camera has a different IP address than, tap on the address and remove any numbers after the last decimal and replace them with 125. Be sure to Save those changes.

    I hope this helps! If you have any other questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-877-659-2347 or email us at support@eero.com .

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  • Jeff C. 

    Jeff thank you very much that did it, I was in over my head trying to get it working but up and running now. Great Support from eero and an excellent product. - Neil

  • No problem, Neil! Happy to help. Have a great weekend  😀

  • Will you please provide the same instruction for a camera with address of  Thank you

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