Adjustable (dBm) threshold for switching to stronger 5 GHz signal

Like most of us I have multiple eero setup. When monitoring with various WiFi Monitors/Analyzers on smartphones, I can often see devices clinging onto a weak 2.4 GHz signal from distant eero while there is much stronger 5 GHz signal available from a nearby unit. Watching the analyzer reveals that the switch to stronger signal 5 GHz does not happen before the current weak signal drops to -90 dBm or below level. In my case, it would be better if the switch occurred already at -70 ..-80 dBm level instead of -90 dBm, but unfortunately I cannot control how this happens.

Would it be possible to implement a feature where one could adjust the threshold when to drop a weak 2.4 GHz connection?  Ie., in most mesh setups there is a stronger signal close by while the device is still on distant, weaker signal. To make threshold setting bit more scientific than just a wild guess, I could simply walk through my house with a wifi analyzer, draw 2.4 and 5 GHz signal strength maps, and then choose the desired minimum level I want my devices to hold on a 2.4 GHz signal if stronger 5 GHz signal is available. If there is no stronger 5 GHz signal, it should work as it is now - ie. hang on to 2.4 GHz as long as it can.

Having threshold adjustable should make roaming between eero's working better in every setup, maybe with less complaints on roaming. 

Taking it one step further would be adding learning capability where eero's would learn the coverage or 2.4 and 5 GHz ranges, and automatically set the level where to drop lower speed 2.4 GHz and hook up to stronger 5 GHz signal - and of course the user should be able to override the automatically set values.

Again, the 2.4 GHz low threshold setting should not be considered if stronger 5 GHz signal is not there.

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  • NO. thanks for playing,

  • Excuse me?

  • The decision to switch isn't from eero. The decision is made on the device (Phone, etc).

    eero doesn't decide to kick your phone off of one so that your phone can connect to another eero since there may not be another eero there to connect to.

    So, again....it's up to the device when to switch, not eero.

  • ok, got it. However, eero as part of the mesh network knows when it is part of a mesh, and it knows if the client is 5GHz capable (the same MAC has been active over both frequencies). I also assume eero could kick a client off at will. Doesn't that combination give enough ammunition to follow a threshold if one was configured?

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      Eero with above "knows it part of a mesh" I meant that when eero knows it is part of a mesh, there are other eeros around, and when combined with user defined threshold, those to combined would mean "kick me out when below the threshold on 2.4, since I am 5GHz capable"

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      Eero But then one eero would kick your device without knowing whether it was capable of connecting to another eero. For all it knows, it'd be kicking your device without anything there to connect to. The eero won't know whether you're walking toward your mailbox or your living room.

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