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IMPORTANT When posting to the feature request section, keep each post to a single feature. This allows us to both have a single discussion and track the progress if we are currently working on or have recently completed a project.

If a feature you'd like to request already exists in our community, we ask that you either chime into or "like" the existing topic.

Please note that we don't discuss future plans.

Feature request status labels:

Under Consideration If a post has this status, it means that we are currently reviewing whether or not we will be moving forward with the feature request. From here, it will either move to Planned or Not Planned.

Planned: If a post is marked as Planned, it means that it is a feature we plan to implement at some point in the future. Whether or not we include a timeline, it indicates this is something we plan to build into eero.

Not planned: If you see Not Planned, unfortunately, that means this isn't something we plan to build right now. However, don't let it stop you or anyone from telling us it is something you want. We are always reviewing past and new feature requests.

Started: This is where it gets exciting! This means we have started working on this feature and hope to have something more to share with our customers in the near future.

Implemented: The feature has been added! This means we have shipped the new feature and it will be available to our customers.

To get started, visit the topic page and tap Request a feature. You will need to include a topic and the content of the post.

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  • Have you tried to add it to the whitelist that is available?

  • Pertaining to a Secure & Secure+ features... I'd like to see content filtering based on device intelligence, in addition to the age of the human that will use it. Some people do not have children connecting to their home network, but would still like to block traffic on a rogue smart plug or bulb. As there are different levels of intelligence (Ex: computer vs echo vs plug), it would be nice to have the ability to create a filter category based on the level of intelligence.

  • Pertaining to Secure & Secure+ features... I'd like to have the ability to see blocked traffic, or just traffic in general. Along with this, I'd like the ability to make exceptions of false positives. As it stands, the current blocked threat graph does the user little good. I see that we can create custom block and permit lists, but the default threat blocking that occurs with a Secure subscription gives me zero insight. 

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  • I think the content filtering is great. However, I find it to be very lacking in certain areas. I was intrigued to keep my eero secure subscription but it just didn't make sense given these deficiencies. Currently, it only allows me to create a profile for devices that have previously been connected to my network. However, that is useless for robust content filtering.  I should have the option to filter the entire network as a whole. Anything coming from the router to any device should be filtered if I opt for that setting... Without that, I cannot have peace of mind that my children aren't viewing inappropriate content on devices that I'm not aware of.

  • Another feature that I think should be standard, is the ability to override and select which specific eero device you want to connect to at a given time. For example, when I am in my dining room, it automatically switches to the dining room eero which cuts my speed in a half. However, if I were to remain connected to the original router in my bedroom, which is what occurs before it automatically changes to the dining room eero, I get faster speeds even though I have slightly less bars in terms of reception. The only reason why I have an eero device in the dining room is so I can connect another eero device in the basement so I can have internet downstairs, but by doing that, I effectively slowed my internet in the dining room compared to the speeds that I had before I even purchased the eero system.  Very frustrating.

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  • The Client Steering beta offering is a great add, but it doesn’t seem to have a consistent approach to analyze and redirect more static connections (not phones or tablets that “roam”).  Is there a thought to do a “force” rebalance via the app, as I notice the EERO nodes often have very unbalanced connections in my home. (I have an 8,000 sq ft residence on 4 levels with 10 nodes, and some connections seem very odd because of a suboptimal distance, etc.)

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